Lake Cities Education Foundation Helps Dyslexic Children

As many as 2 million students across the U.S. may be receiving services for some form of reading disability, including dyslexia. Dyslexia is commonly associated with trouble reading, but it’s actually more than that. It’s a condition that affects the way the brain processes language. As such, it can also affect writing, spelling and speaking.

Dyslexic children are frequently quite creative, but the struggle with reading and school work can often lead to low self-esteem and issues socializing. Dyslexia is frequently hereditary, but isn’t always. However, research over the past decade has led to many advances in helping students with dyslexia learn to work within the confines of those challenges and become successful in school and life. For students at Shady Shores Elementary School technology plays a role.

LCEF Grant Makes Technology Purchase Possible

Our mission at Lake Cities Education Foundation, we’re dedicated to improving the quality of education throughout the Lake Dallas Independent School District. Since June of 2000, we’ve been doing this through grants and scholarships.

One of our recent grants was awarded to Kristen Adams. She teaches dyslexic students at Shady Shores Elementary and saw an opportunity to use technology to help them with their writing and decoding skills.

Ms. Adams applied for a grant through LCEF and purchased iPads for her students. Using the iPads, her students receive instant feedback about their cursive handwriting, spelling and decoding skills. See them in action: 


How to Help Your Students

Teachers, parents and community members all benefit from student access to the best possible education. Grants from LCEF help make that possible. There’s no amount too big or too small to be considered. To apply for a grant for your student or make a donation to help others, follow the link.