2017-2018 GRANT AWARDS


2017-2018 GRANT AWARDS

PROJECT TITLEDRUG BUSTER                                                          

Grant Amount Received: $996.00

Grant Director:  Aaron Walterscheid, Lake Dallas High School

Abstract:    Lake Dallas High School Healther teacher, Aaron Walterscheid, authored this grant to provide "drunk impaired" goggles.  These goggles will allow students to gain a better understanding of the effect of drugs can have on a person's motor skills and reaction time when operating a vehicle or performing routine tasks. 



Grant Amount Received:  $2,478.84

Grant Directors:  Kenneth Imy and Sonia Foutch, Lake Dallas High School

 Abstract:  Lake Dallas High School special education math teachers Kenneth Imy and Sonia Foutch wrote this grant to assist them in cultivating a learning environment that is more conducive to student needs.  They will purchase a variety of furniture to create a more ergonomic work environment that will allow for greater ability to maintain engagement and focus in the classroom. 



Grant Amount Received: $1,000.00

Grant Director:  Riley Caughlin, LDISD Adapted PE Instructor

Abstract:  Adapted PE Instructor Riley Caughlin submitted this grant to fund his desire to provide innovative and engaging instruction to students who struggle in one or more areas due to a disability.  This grant will provide materials to allow Mr. Caughlin to teach these students how to fish, which in turn will facilitate the acquisition of important academic, physical, social, and emotional skills.  In addition, Mr. Caughlin hopes the students will acquire an appreciation for and commitment to healthy leisure activities.  



Grant Amount Received: $5,000.00

Grant Director:  Lynn Downs, Michelle Richey, Suzanne Murray, Kerri Blevins, Corinth Elementary

Abstract:  Corinth Elementary teachers Lynn Downs and Suzanne Murray in conjunction with Technology Integration Specialist Michelle Richey and Assistant Principal Kerri Blevins were awarded this grant to provide materials necessary to build, plant, and tend a vegetable garden.  Aside form the life science objectives that will be satisfied, these educators believe that students will also gain math, collaboration and problem-solving skills.  In addition, the garden will be used as inspiration for language arts and social studies lesson. 



Grant Amount Received: $2,463.12

Grant Director:  Jimmy Moore, LDHS Criminal Justice Teacher

Abstract:  Lake Dallas High School teacher Jimmy Moore received this grant to Chromebookss for the Career and Technical Education Public Services areas of Education and Training, Human Services, Health Science, and Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security.  These Chromebooks will facilitate the classroom instruction of TEKS for CTE required instruction in a blended learning environment - a mix of technology and face-to-face instruction. 



Grant Amount Received: $4,861.72

Grant Director:  Sharon Simon, Corinth Elementary Librarian

Abstract:  Librarian Sharon Simon was awarded this grant to purchase books and materials to create a Makerspace in this Corinth Elementary library.  A Makerspace brings exploration, creation and hands-on learning into the library, classroom and STEAM lab.  The Book Zone will provide resources for the students and help develop problem-solving skills and encourage self-directed learning.   


PROJECT TITLEART ROOM LIBRARY                                    

Grant Amount Received: $861.86

Grant Director:  Shirley Frase, Corinth Elementary Art Lab

Abstract:  Ms. Frase wrote this grant to address the need for books about artists and art techniques in the Corinth Elementary Art Lab. Having a library in the Art Room will allow her students to research and extend learning beyond their art class time and will give them access to a tangible asset to further their knowledge. 


PROJECT TITLEKID 2 CHEF COMPETITION TEAMS                                           

Grant Amount Received: $2,463.00

Grant Director:  Cindy Medlicott and Anne Waidelich, Corinth Elementary Cooking Club Sponsors

Abstract:  The Corinth Elementary Kid 2 Chef sponsors Cindy Medlicott and Anne Waidelich wrote this grant to provide supplies, ingredients and materials to assist their students as they prepare for competition.  In this club, the students are practicing cooperative learning as they work as a team to design nutritional and visually appealing food dishes. Students are learning about a variety of cuisines and the cultures from which they originate.  Research shows that cooking education programs are a promising tool for promoting positive changes in children's food-related preferences, attitudes, and behavior and these teachers are striving to create a program for Corinth Elementary students that will provide them the opportunities to grow in and display their understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  


PROJECT TITLETRAIN TO SAVE                                      

Grant Amount Received: $2,472.39

Grant Director:  Diane Ramirez RN, LDISD Health Services Coordinator

Abstract:  Lake Dallas High School Health Services Coordinator Diane Ramirez was awarded this grant to expand and enhance the CPR courses offered to LDISD staff and students.  The resources will enhance the existing courses with additional updated "manikins." The equipment will also be utilized in the plan to update and expand the cardiac emergency response plan including implementation of campus AED drills and efforts for the district campuses to become recognized Project Adam Texas Heart Safe Schools.  Having more staff and students trained and certified to administer lifesaving CPR will provide a safer learning environment and community.   



Grant Amount Received: $2,403.07

Grant Director:  Katie Landaverde, Lake Dallas Elementary Technology Integration Specialist

Abstract:  Lake Dallas Elementary Technology Integration Specialist Katie Landaverde was awarded this grant to purchase AV equipment. This grant will allow the implementation of a video broadcast system for the campus, and students will be afforded opportunities to hone their aptitude in technology, media, film, videography and speaking wile simultaneously reinforcing their leadership skills.