2016-2017 GRANT AWARDS


PROJECT TITLE:  NO MORE WIRES                                                           

Grant Amount Received: $199.00

Grant Director:  Patrick Koele, Shady Shores Elementary School

Abstract:    Shady Shores Elementary School P.E. Teacher Patrick Koele received $199.00 to purchase a a Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker II for the Shady Shores Elementary School gym.  This grant will assist Coach Koele in more effectively monitoring students during activity in their P.E. classes and enable him to incorporate more music into his lessons.


PROJECT TITLE:  TECHNOLOGY DONE WRITE                                  

Grant Amount Received:  $2.500.00

Grant Directors:  Molly Keene, Kelly Anderson, Karen Bond, Tyler Reed and Kari Kunkle, Lake Dallas Middle School Language Arts Department

 Abstract:  This grant provides Chromebooks for the Language Arts department at Lake Dallas Middle School.  These teachers hope to make writing more meaningful for their students and to maximize writing conferences through the use of technology. An additional intent of this grant is to extend learning beyond the classroom as students begin to view it as a constant activity that is not constrained by the time allotted in a class period.


PROJECT TITLE:  FREEZER MEAL BUSINESS                                             

Grant Amount Received: $591.00

Grant Director:  D’Lynn Killham, Andrea Jones, Breen Rashid, Brittany Burleson and Sandra Sauz, Lake Dallas High School Special Education Department

Abstract:  The Special Education Department at Lake Dallas High School authored this grant to assist in establishing a transitional program for their students to develop functional life skills through the creation of a “Freezer Meal Business”.  Students will receive orders for “freezer meals”, prepare and distribute the meals, and purchase additional supplies for future orders.  Students will also complete an online course and earn a state food handlers certificate which will benefit them in securing post-high school employment.



Grant Amount Received: $2,966.30

Grant Director:  Kristi Webb, Lake Dallas Elementary School

Abstract:  Lake Dallas Elementary RTI Specialist Kristi Webb was awarded this grant to address the intervention needs of students on her campus. Through this grant, Ms. Webb will purchase Google Chromebooks which will provide her a more mobile learning environment in which to implement reading and math interventions to small groups of students throughout the learning day.



Grant Amount Received: $2,928.73

Grant Director:  Dr. Gwen Carter, Dr. Vicki Hainlen and Kathy Schaeffer (Doctoral Candidate & School Psychology Intern), Lake Dallas ISD Special Education Department

Abstract:  Lake Dallas School Psychologists Dr. Gwen Carter and Dr. Vicki Hainlen, along with School Psychology Intern Kathy Schaeffer, were awarded $2928.73 for their “Video Self-Modeling and Social Autopsy” grant.  Social Autopsy is a problem-solving strategy based on the tenets of learning and behavior.  Through materials purchased with this grant, students will make movies of themselves in situations requiring behavioral and social skills.  The movies will serve as a reference point and teaching material as students learn appropriate skills.



Grant Amount Received: $299.99

Grant Director:  Pam Lisenbe, Corinth Elementary School

Abstract:  Coach Pam Lisenbe, P.E. teacher at Corinth Elementary, was awarded $299.99 to purchase a new sound system for her gym.  This sound system will be used to incorporate music into her lessons while simultaneously allowing her to consistently monitor student engagement in activities.  It will also be used to connect to a projector in order to allow the students to exercise and learn new dances and new techniques from viewing exercise, health and dance videos. 


PROJECT TITLE:  SOCIAL SKILLS RESOURCES                                    

Grant Amount Received: $924.55

Grant Director:  Amy Koch, Shady Shores Elementary School

Abstract:  Special Education teacher Amy Koch, of Shady Shores Elementary, was awarded $924.55 for her grant “Social Skills Resources”.  The intent of her grant is to purchase children’s literature that supports social emotions learning in elementary grades in order to teach important socials skills to students at Shady Shores Elementary.  These resources will be available to all staff and parents of Shady Shores Elementary.


PROJECT TITLE:  GET FIT DON’T QUIT                                           

Grant Amount Received: $996.20

Grant Director:  Jamie Roach, Lake Dallas Elementary School

Abstract:  Lake Dallas Elementary P.E. teacher, Jamie Roach, was awarded $996.20 to purchase fitness equipment for her gym.  The purpose of her grant is the creation of a circuit training exercise program for her students, with the aim of improving muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.


PROJECT TITLE:  BIG IDEAS FOR CHROME                                      

Grant Amount Received: $2,500.00

Grant Director:  Amber Mumford, Lake Dallas High School

Abstract:  The purpose of Mrs. Mumford’s grant is to provide Lake Dallas High School Algebra teachers with Chromebooks to support the new Algebra TEKS and the online components of their newly adopted textbook.  Students will have 1-to-1 access to the online resources to improve the skills needed to master the required Algebra I End-of-Course Exam.  By using Chromebooks to access the resources, students and teachers will get immediate results, showing both strengths and weaknesses. 



Grant Amount Received: $852.00

Grant Director:  Katie Chalkley, Lake Dallas High School

Abstract:  Katie Chalkley, Lake Dallas High School Geometry teacher, was awarded $852.00 for her grant “Tech Savvy Learners:  Teaching Kids to Learn Through Technology.” The awarding of this grant will allow Ms. Chalkley to purchase 3 Chromebooks for her students to use in targeting specific Geometry skills through the use of the Chrome applet, Geogebra.



Grant Amount Received: $533.90

Grant Director:  Ann Lenard, Shady Shores Elementary School

Abstract:  Ann Lenard, Kindergarten teacher at Shady Shores Elementary School, was awarded $533.90 to purchase the LeapFrog Interactive Reading Center. The LeapFrog Interactive story books combine the hands on experience of reading a book with an interactive component to support English Language Learners.  The interactive books are differentiated in their design to meet the needs of every learner: from sound and letter recognition for the beginning reader, to the growing self-esteem for the independent reader.  The interactive books supplement students’ phonemic skills in addition to reading comprehension.  This program will work in conjunction with the current LDISD curriculum.



Grant Amount Received: $2,221.28

Grant Director:  John Tompkins, Lake Dallas High School

Abstract:  Lake Dallas High School Health Teacher, Coach John Tompkins, received $2,221.28 to purchase “Fatal Vision Impairment Goggles.”  Following the Alcohol and BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) unit in their Health Education class, students will use the Fatal Vision Goggles while performing various daily activities and maneuvering a tricycle through an obstacle course.  By using these “drunk” goggles in real life situations and a simulated driving course, students will gain a better understanding of the BAC on a person’s muscle movement (motor skills and reaction time) needed when operating a vehicle or performing routine tasks. 



Grant Amount Received: $4,189.13

Grant Director:  Robin Ballard and Melaynee Broadstreet, Lake Dallas ISD Technology Department

Abstract:  The awarding of this grant will allow Robin Ballard and Melaynee Broadstreet to create an in-house video production studio.  This studio – The LDISD iCafe – will serve as an accessible platform to present video instructions of cheat sheets, new ideas, lessons, trends and how-to’s for everything LDISD.  The goal of this grant is to record and share important resources in digital form that can be easily accessible.  The LDISD iCafe will be a place for staff and students to visit, be challenged and be encouraged while using technology in the schools.