LCEF Awards $30,000 in Grants for 2018-2019

Lake Cities Education Foundation is proud to announce that we have awarded $30,000 in grants for 2018-2019 to students and teachers in Lake Dallas in support of innovative enrichment projects. We are excited to share the stories behind the figures in our next few blog posts!


When reflecting on the grants delivered for 2018-2018, Executive Director Karla Landrum stated, “It is always exciting to surprise the Lake Dallas ISD teachers with the awarding of their grants, the District has very talented and devoted teachers who have written these grants to provide greater opportunities for their students, and the LCEF Board is proud to support their efforts. Of course, we couldn’t do this without the continued support of the Lake Cities communities and for that we are immensely appreciative.”


Bass Bars for Music Room

Secured by Corinth Elementary music teacher Melinda Sherrouse and Special Education Lead Teacher Elizabeth Smart, this $1,000 grant will be used to purchase “bass bars” for special education program students. These instruments will allow special education students to participate in the music classroom and provide valuable accompaniment.

No.1 (Bass Bars).png


Creating Sensorimotor Pathways to Engage Young Students and Enhance Learning

This $1,500 grant will be utilized to create “sensorimotor pathways” for students in the Structured and Lifeskills classrooms at Shady Shores Elementary School. These pathways appeal to young children and are comprised of vinyl representations of objects in vibrant colors. Students will have the opportunity to maneuver shapes, numbers, and colors as they progress down the pathway.

No. 2 (Creating Sensorimotor).png


Phonics at Work and at Play

 With an emphasis on assisting students in developing phonemic skills, the Phonics at Work and at Play grant has been awarded to Ann Lenard, a kindergarten teacher at Shady Shores Elementary School, who will use the $420 grant to purchase LeapFrog letter and word machines.

No. 3 (Phonics at Work).png


This is a small selection of the grants we awarded for 2018-2019, we will share more funded programs in our next blog post.