LCEF Awards $30,000 in Grants for 2018-2019 - Continued

Since Lake Cities Education Foundation had the opportunity to award so many grants for 2018-2019, we will be sharing program-specific details across several blog posts. Each of our grantees shares at least one thing, they will each be using their funding in unique and impactful ways for the benefit of students and teachers across Dallas.


LDHS Falcon Flight Academy Technology

A $2,160 grant will be used to purchase five Acer Chromebooks to enable a blended-learning environment for the LDHS Falcon Flight Academy. Beyond facilitating instruction in the classroom, they will also allow for a mobile teaching platform for the instructors. The grant will be directed by Falcon Flight Academy Instructors Ann Hodges, Brandon Wright, Gerardo Castillo, Chloe Callaway, and Stewart Richards.

No. 1 | Flight Academy.png


Taking it Outside at SSE 

With the intention of bringing learning outside of the classroom, the $5,000 Taking it Outside at SSE grant will create an outdoor classroom space for students. By directly experiencing and learning about nature, the interactive activities planned will incorporate instruction in science, math, language arts, social studies, and art. This outdoor classroom program will be led by Special Education Professionals Amy Koch, Amee Bowen, Kindra Kelley, Lisa Schreck, Michelle Keshler, Carrie McDaniel, Beth Lake, and Dawn Grey.

No. 2 | Taking it Outside.png


Falcon Pride Mariachi Band

Through a partnership with The University of North Texas Mariachi Band and Lake Dallas Elementary School, this funding will be used to create a Falcon Pride Mariachi Band. Through learning music, the program will also serve to build strong connections between disparate culture heritages. This $5,000 grant will be administered and led by Assistant Principal Arely Potts.


Read Share Repeat

A grant in the amount of $2,5000 will be utilized to establish a guided reading library for students at Lake Dallas Middle School. With an underlying goal of cultivating a love of learning, the grant will create opportunities for teachers to effectively select books for small reading groups. Read, Share, Repeat will be led by English Language Arts Teachers Juli Bartley and Anne Waidelich.


Cooking Up Entrepreneurship

This 1,000 grant will be used to purchase several standing mixers for students of the Lake Dallas Middle School Learning enter in support of their dog treat business. The program aims to teach students about small business practices, measuring, and math skills. All of the funds raised from the dog treat business will be used to make a charitable contribution to the Special Olympics Team.

Stay tuned, our next blog post will serve as the final round-up of all of the grants we awarded for 2018-2019!