Grantee Honors LCEF Board of Directors with Lunch

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Students from the Corinth Elementary Kids2Chef program recently impressed Lake Cities Education Foundation Board Members with an incredible hand-made lunch.  The elementary-aged children had spent considerable time planning an elaborate meal to express their appreciation for funding a grant that their teachers, Cindy Medlicott and Anne Waidelich, had written to provide materials for their after-school program. The Board could not have been more appreciative of the time they had put in to pulling off such a thoughtful surprise.

From the place setting to the food, no detail was overlooked by the dedicated students from Corinth Elementary. They had prepared a healthy and well-balanced meal that included a nutritious salad, and a lunch including a starch, protein, and vegetable. The meal even included a delicious dessert.

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The $5,000 grant awarded to the Corinth Elementary Kids2Chef program will support them in purchasing necessary ingredients and supplies needed for their upcoming cooking competition. By actively engaging children in the cooking process, their participation in the program will open up many learning opportunities and has the potential to impact them long-term. They will learn about nutritional food choices, a variety of cultures and the vast benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Their exposure to such valuable concepts will help lay a foundation from which they can establish health-conscious behaviors with a positive impact on their health and wellness.

Cindy Medlicott and Anne Waidelich are serving as directors of the grant at the elementary school located in Corinth, Texas. This grant is one of several grants we have granted to Corinth Elementary. LCEF is supporting other initiatives at the school including the Corinth Elementary Life Lab, the Corinth Art Room Library and the Corinth Makerspace Book Zone. We have no doubt that all of these programs will be a success and an enrichment opportunity for the students at Corinth Elementary.