LCEF Awards $25,000 in Grants for 2017-2018

In reflecting on the grants Lake Cities Education Foundation awarded for 2017-2018, we are thrilled to support existing and newly-launched educational initiatives throughout our community. We have awarded a total of $25,000 and will be sharing the stories behind the figures in our next two blog posts.

Drug Buster

Lake Dallas High School has been selected as a recipient of a $996 grant to fund a pair of goggles designed to simulate being drug impaired. These “drug impaired” goggles will provide students the first-hand opportunity to understand the considerable impacts drugs have on an individual’s motor skills and reaction time. The program sheds light on the dangers of driving under the influence and performing routine tasks when drug impaired. Health teacher Aaron Walterscheid secured this for the school and will serve as its director.



Classroom Ergonomics in the Special Education Environment

Secured by special education math teachers Kenneth Imy and Sonia Foutch, this $2,478 grant will support both teachers in designing an ergonomic classroom. By cultivating a classroom environment that removes physical hindrances and addresses the specific needs of their students, Kenneth and Sonia will more effectively maintain engagement and focus in the classroom.



Innovative and Engaging Instruction for Students with Academic, Physical, Social or Emotional Needs

With an emphasis on the importance of physical activity for an individual’s health, LDISD Adapted PE Instructor Riley Caughlin secured a $1,000 LCEF grant to support disabled students in a unique way. Mr. Caughlin will use this grant to teach fly fishing to students with academic, physical, social or emotional needs. Learning this activity will aid students in their development of academic, physical, social and emotional skills. The underlying hope is that the development of this new skill will impart in the students an appreciation for healthy leisure activities.



Corinth Elementary Life Lab (CELL)

A $5,000 grant will be used to fund CELL, a vegetable garden at Corinth Elementary School. By building, planting and tending this garden, students will develop math, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. They will learn about the life sciences through hands-on, involved instruction. The garden will have far-reaching influence at the school as it will also be used for language arts and social studies lesson. This grant will be directed by teachers Lynn Downs and Suzanne Murray, Technology Integration Specialist Michelle Richey and Assistant Principal Kerri Blevins.



Career and Technical Education/ Public Services Blended Classroom

Recognizing the relevance of leveraging technology in today’s world, a $2,463 grant was secured by Lake Dallas High School Teacher Jimmy Moore to fund Chromebook laptops for his classroom. As a blended learning environment, Mr. Moore integrates traditional face-to-face instruction and technology to create unique learning opportunities for his students. The laptops will be utilized to facilitate lessons on education and training, human services, health science and law, public safety, corrections, and security.



From funding the purchase of technology, to garden supplies and ergonomic furniture, Lake Cities Education Foundation grants are empowering teachers across Dallas. This is a selection of half of the grants we awarded for 2017-2018, we will share more funded programs in our next blog post.