Keeping Gym Interesting at Lake Dallas Elementary School

What was gym class like when you were in school? Lots of team sports and someone, maybe you, standing around getting picked last every time? Gym class can often be intimidating and uncomfortable, especially for shy or less athletic students. Many students wish there were more individual activities they could participate in during gym class. They don’t want to be picked last any more and they’re not comfortable with sports. With our help, students at Lake Dallas Elementary school will have this option.

Circuit Training

At professional gyms and martial arts training centers, circuit training is popular for individual fitness training. P.E. teacher Jamie Roach believes in the power of circuit training. She’s developing a program to help her students improve muscle strength and endurance, increase cardiovascular endurance and flexibility and boost overall body composition.

To support her efforts, LCEF provided a grant of $996.20 to purchase the necessary equipment. Circuit training can involve jump rope, free weights, trampoline jumping, running, push-ups and obstacles courses. With the grant from Lake Cities Education Fund, Ms. Roach will be able to provide a variety of activities, keeping circuit training fun and interesting.

Because students complete the circuits individually and are only competing with themselves, many students find this a more enjoyable experience than the usual team sports often played in gym class. Many shy and/or less athletic students benefit from this more solo approach to fitness.

We’re pleased to support Ms. Roach in her efforts to provide physical exercise that appeals to every student in her class. Inclusion during elementary school can increase a child’s self-esteem and confidence, both of which have lasting positive effects throughout school and adulthood.

What great idea do you have for your Lake Cities students? Tell us about how you want to change the lives of you students and how we can help you accomplish that goal. You and your students might be our next grant recipient.