Working Out with Music

Remember going to gym class when you were in school. If it was indoor that day, it was loud and echoy. When you go to the gym now, you probably wear your earbuds and have a whole playlist of your favorite workout tunes. Thanks to a grant, the students at Shady Shores Elementary School will get the joy of music during gym class.

P.E. teacher Patrick Koele uses the Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II he purchased with the grant to incorporate music in his class without wires running across the floor causing a safety hazard.

The Importance of Physical Fitness

With obesity rates at an all time high, Mr. Koele’s dedication to the health and fitness of his students is admirable. By incorporating their favorite music, students are more likely to show up and participate in the athletic events he has planned for the day.

In addition to keeping bodies healthy, gym class teaches social skills and provides students’ brains with a much needed break. Often, shy students come out of their shell during gym class. Studies have shown that a mental break helps kids learn more and retain it better than they would if they were sitting absorbing intellectual information all day.

Monitoring Students During Gym

We know some people likely associate elementary school gym with getting teased and picked on. Mr. Koele is vigilant about being sure students feel safe – physically and emotionally – in his class. Using the speaker he purchased, Mr. Koele is able to watch student interactions.

Music tends to be a commonality among all students in an age group. It’s great way to keep the students engaged and having fun. As students discover that they enjoy the same songs or do the same silly dances, they also discover they have other things in common and often make new friends.

LCEF is pleased to have provided the funds for such a powerful classroom tool.